Not just a menu

Wait. LEt us explain a bit more.

Van de Leur Rotterdam is not like most other restaurants. We do not work with a menu. All we offer is a set chefsmenu that we leave a surprise until it reaches your table. We belief this enables you to experience new culinary dishes and limits food wastage. The full menu normally consists out of fish ánd meat ánd vegetarian dishes. A 5-course vegetarian menu is also possible.

But aren’t you a barbecue restaurant?

Not at all. Although our Big Green Egg plays a central role in our kitchen, it does not mean we are a barbecue restaurant at all. We make (smaller) culinary dishes to stimulate a sensation of taste. So if you are looking for large quantities of grilled meat, we are not the place for you.

I can not eat everything. Am I welcome?

For sure. We are happy to accommodate for allergies or to work around elements you absolutely can not or will not eat. The only thing we ask you is to let us know well in advance. With our set menu it is impossible to adapt on the night itself. 


  • Four course menu €60,-
  • Five course menu €75,-

    (Fully vegetarian max. of 5 courses available)

  • Six course menu €90,-
  • Seven course menu €105,-

Wine pairing

  • Full glass of wine €8,50

    We offer you the option of paired wines per course

  • Half glass of paired wine €5